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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  May 3, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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new details in the raid to kill or capture osama bin laden. why it's especially meaningful for one airline. we're learning about the navy seal team. they're specially trained and know what they're doing. see how they handled this very difficult mission. can you imagine where you would be without a smartphone to give you directions, to reach recipes. we know how retailers are making the device necessary. new details on the raid of that pakistani compound that led to the killing of osama bin laden osama bin laden. we go --
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>> reporter: there are some people who said they need more proof that osama bin laden. the sceptics are the taliban. >> it's fair to say it's a gruesome photograph. >> it could be inflammatory. >> reporter: meanwhile, we're learning more about the 40-minute ram. a top white house official said bin laden may have lived undetected for six years, that the bin laden family and two other families lived a the compound. they found bin laden on the second floor unarmed. >> bin laden's wife rushed the u.s. assaulter was shot in the leg but not killed. bin laden resisted and was killed. >> reporter: the raid was not directed towards the white house. officials are going over 10 hard drives, five computers and more than 100 storage devices collected from the compound.
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bin laden's takedown is important to the man who issued boarding passes to two of the 9/11 hijackers. >> it's a feel good moment to show that we still can do things. >> reporter: the talibans aren't the only ones interested in proof that bin laden is dead. many new yorkers say as grizzly as the photos may be, that would at least give them the confidence that bin laden is truly dead. >> reporter: taking a look at our other top stories, a howard county neighborhood wants to know what led to the death of a man whose body was found inside a closet with the son. the 5-year-old stayed days with the corpse. they did discover drugs on his body. now they're waiting for a
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toxicology report. if you drive a honda or acura, you mitt want to take a trip to the dealer. the company says more than00,000 vehicles, model years 2001 to 2003 need to be checked out. there are faulty components that could cause the air bags to deploy too forcefully. all right. the weather has been quiet, warm and breezy, gusty at times but hard to complain. there's a slight chance for severe weather. we're seeing a severe thunderstorm watch in the western third of the state, allegany county, washington county and towards hancock. we have seen some storms firing up. and that's going to be the scenario through the rest of the evening. i think some pop-up storms but the main line yet to arrive here and as we go into our live scan
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mode you can see nothing around the immediate baltimore area, so that's a good thing. high temperatures low to mid-80s and the current temps in the upper 70s. a warm evening and i think quiet for the most part. there will be a chance for scattered storms to the west. we'll talk about that coming up. well, got some sad news. if you were hoping for some relief when you fill up, bad news. this week the average price for regular unleaded is expected to jump to $4 a gallon. this is the first time we've seen this since july of 2008. the national average is $3.97. over the weekend gas prices jumped three cents nationwide. experts said the spike was a delayed reaction to the deadly storms across the south and midwest. the storms temporarily knocked out power at some oil refineries
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along the gulf coast. abc2news is working for you tonight. go to click on traffic and gas prices. put in your zip code and you can find the cheapest gas prices in your very own neighborhood. come per -- commuters who go through howard county will have to take their food off the -- foot off the pedal. eight speed cameras will be installed by this fall. they're expecting more than a million dollars to be generated from speeders. a maryland teacher gets a national on north. coming up, we'll meet the 2011 teacher of the year. forget about shopping at the mall or even from the computer on your desk. more retailers are working to bring their store to the palm of your hand thanks to your smartphone.
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it seems people don't like paying as much as $5 to get their money out of the bank.
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jpmorgan chase is charging customers. it was enough to make people walk a few extra blocks to go toker that own bank. chase is dropping fees back to the $3 that it had been charging. with high gas prices putting a pinch on consumer's wallets, this is a good time to put shopping in the palm of your hand. karen caifa has more. >> reporter: retailers are moving beyond the desktop and making it so consumers can shop for what they want, when they want even when the nearest brick and mortar store is miles away. they fond stores are em-- found stores are embracing mobile more than a year ago. when it comes to social media most say the biggest return on
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their investment is hearing from customers and understanding what you're look for. 91% of retailers say they have a mobile strategy in place, up to 74%. almost half say they have made their website more mobile friendly, giving the opportunity to shop on the go. the top capabilities include storing a shopping list, coupons, alert for instore events and the ability to review items. look for more sales associates to be mobile as they assist you. one in three stores say they plan to give tablets to improve consumer service. >> not a bad idea. >> one man is on his own mission after news that u.s. forces killed the 9/11 mastermind. the retired police officer is ready to take on the department
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of motor vehicle to update his license plate. we'll take a look back at the highs and lows of "dancing with the stars." that's going to go right in your glove. ohhh.
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the elite navy seal six team carried out the mission to kill osama bin laden. so who makes the team up and what makes them unique? >> reporter: this was a single navy sheol that fired the two shots that killed osama bin laden. one to his left eye, one to the chest. by tradition it will be years before we know his name.
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in washington, live video was all played out on at least three screens, the white house situation room, the cia hangly headquarters and the command quarter. >> they were able to hit arguably one of the most hidden and perhaps furiously protected men on the planet and 30 minutes later they were gone. >> reporter: the men who crept into osama bin laden's home were from seal team six hand selected by other teams as the bessments two squads of 12 seals going room to room carrying out the most dramatic operation. seal stands for sea, air, land. >> they're incredibly versatile commandos. >> reporter: they're one of the military's two most elite units along with the delta force. >> they have to be stubborn.
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they have to be focused. they are not killers, but survivors. >> reporter: they built a mock compound and trained over and over. the seals carried it out with helmet cams. they carried away bin laden's body, al qaeda's mother lode. the death of osama bin laden is forcing a new york man to change his license plate. >> i'll trade these in and make it got osama in appreciation of what our troops have done. >> this retired police officer fought with the department to get van nit plates that read "get osama." a judge granted his request. now that osama has been killed, he has updated the paint job to
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read "got osama." as people learned about the death of osama bin laden, one store in kansas held a big sale to celebrate. >> what better day to celebrate than to give 15% off for today. he's been hiding for nine and a half years. we figured what better time to do it. >> the president is scheduled to visit new york city on thursday. he's going to visit ground zero and meet with the families of victims from the september 11th attack. now for a look at what's coming up in weather. not a lot happening around baltimore right now but we're watching two things, number one the possibility of an advanced high tide. anne arundel and back through harford county, coast alley
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around the western shore, coastal flood watch and a severe thunderstorm watch up for extreme western maryland and also back up through central pennsylvania including people who are commuting back into york county. here we go, maryland's radar five sweeps scanning the sky. you'll only see it on abc 2. this is where most of the activity is for now and for the next couple of hours. we'll continue to watch as a new more storms are popping up towards captain bridge in west virginia. some of those could track in our direction. take a lack at old glory, winds gusting to 30. temperature 81 degrees. pollen count is high. and take a look at middle town out there. you find a good mix of sunshine and clouds and quiet weather so
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far today. as we look further west there have been showers and storms close to deep croak lake and temperatures cooler as the cold front punches in. that's where the re action is now. 81 at the airport. 81 in dulles. high temps were well into the mid-80s around downtown. 86 at the maryland science center. a tremendous cool off on the way. canton we're lucky to get to 60 and the chance for showers on and off early, a slow moving line of rain, slow moving line of storms, but the whole thing set to come in later this evening and slowly track through the area overnight. if we get gusty storms, it will be overnight, eventually tracking through the mid-atlantic. throughout the overnight period rain off and on. 6:00 tomorrow morning i think it could be a wet commute.
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give your self-extra time and bring the umbrella. wednesday afternoon we dry things out from west to east. then we should clear just about everywhere out for thursday. thursday looks sunny but cooler. overnight 52. thunderstorms. some could be strong to severe, just a slim chance probably less than 15%. tomorrow 58, early showers, cooler and breezy weather will be the story. then skies clear off. that's going to be setting the stage for decent weather here. as we go into cinco de mayo thursday and on into friday, both days look relatively dry. chance of an evening shower and rain early sunday morning. the main chance for rain in the immediate future again tonight, early tomorrow, chance for thunderstorms. remember to check us out on line our brand-new abc 2 weather app.
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you can check it out, a lot of cool stuff. let's talk about "dancing with the stars." week six of "dancing with the stars" and six dancers are still competing for that trophy. it was ballroom grace night last night, but there was some confusion with the scoring just as the show was coming to an end. judge donny burns showed singer romeo an eight but wrote seven on his score sheet. they ended up going with the seven which put romeo and his partner in last place. ralph and hines ward are bang at -- back at the top this week. >> coming from donny, that was extra special. >> he judges the best of the competition. he judges the world. he influences the way dancing is
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today. prb lit most knowledgeable -- probably the most knowledgeable person. >> you can watch tonight to see who gets sent home. this is the favorite story of the night. a chemistry teacher at urbana high school in frederick has been named the 2011 national teacher of the year. president barack obama praised michelle shearer at a rose garden ceremony attended by maryland senator barbara mikulski and ben cardin. he said shearer represents all students committed to teaching. >> as teachers of the year we represent our colleagues. there are millions of teachers in america and we could all be pursuing different careers but we choose to use our gifts and talents to benefit students in the classroom. >> today the president
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reiterated for congress to make the no child left behind education law more flexible, changes you -- he said would help teachers be more successful. the towson fest was a blast this weekend. i want to thank everyone who came by. we have two winners of that ipad contest. tiffany dubois from parks film and lisa at from baltimore. congratulations to both of you. let's take a look at whales coming up at 6:00 -- what's coming up at 6:00. how an offer could' annapolis police crack cases gone cold. instead of flowers and vegetation, there's just dirt in many parks. why baltimore police say who the culprits are and how they plan to get to it. let's take a look at what's
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ahead at 6:30. we go frame by frame through our video inside bin laden's compound and we cran move in and see what's in his medicine cabinet. we'll have that and much more tonight on world news.
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a florida's squad car will need a lot of work. the gator handled into the yard in gainsville over the weekend. the animal wasn't too thrilled to see it so it started chomping on the bumper. police put the car in reverse and slowly backed up.
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it wasn't until the front tag frame busted that the gator finally got the message and took off. it caused $2,000 worth of damage. luckily, no one was hurt. the actual kentucky derby is a real sleeper come parred to this. it is the great bed races. about 50 teams competed in the event. one in 70 celebrated. each team has four pushers and one driver. besides being the fastest, there was an award for smashing into the most traffic cones and having the best time. the main event, of course, is saturday's kentucky derby. coming up at 6:00, we'll take a closer look at how police in annapolis may get help soon closing cold cases.


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